"Life is a journey consisting set of projects. Finding the right scopes of those projects at the right time aligned with your signature strengths and desires do test your wisdom whilst ability to enjoy your life projects persistently even at difficult times too, will prove your passion!"

Welcome To TheMotivator

Regardless of your circumstance, you can make a difference. This must be particularly true with your current life. Everyday you have the chance to excel, to stand out and to be exceptional.

TheMotivator helps you to inspire and lead your own journey.

In it, you will find many real-life examples that can encourage you to change and practical tools and advice for keeping you better yourself and the place where you work. One of the energy crisis in the world is crisis of human energy just waiting to be released but that end up being wasted because it was never used due to lack of motivation. Unfortunately, most of us have little sense of our strengths, much less the ability to build our lives around them. Instead guided by our teachers, parents and managers we sometimes become experts in our weakness and spend our lives trying to repair these flaws whilst our strengths lie dormant or neglected.

Successful people have fashioned a combination of knowledge and mind set, skills and talent. This collection of success ingredients, developed through a series of self-evaluations and step-by-step actions, came to be known as TheMotivator.

When we look back at the report card of our lives, inevitably a few F's will blot our record. However, we can still graduate with straight A's by practicing the success principles practiced by winners. You have to think about 'big things' while you are doing small things so that all the small things go in the right direction.

TheMotivator brings together hundreds of real life examples, advice from business leaders and our own techniques and exercises as to how to draw on inner creativity, develop self-leadership, set goals, take risks and sell ideas.

Transforming you to the Next Level

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TheMotivator Received An International Recognition As A Motivational Trainer

TheMotivator (Pvt) Ltd. founded by Eng. Ranil Sugathadasa, Chartered Engineer/Management Consultant/Motivational Trainer and a Corporate Member of the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka received the international Quality Crown Award in the Gold Category at the BID International Quality Crown Convention held in London on 25th November 2012. TheMotivator is awarded this prestigious award for its demonstrative emerging leadership in introducing innovative products and services in motivational, leadership & managerial skills training, executive & educational coaching, management consultancy and project management consultancy.

Press release: A Corporate Member Received An International Recognition As A Motivational Trainer Read more...

TheMotivator & Ranil Sugathadasa

Listen and engage with Ranil to meet your better yourself.

He will inspire and energize you to find your own wisdom to pave your way to your desired success. He will help you how to use all your five senses to dream in the daytime! Daydream!

TheMotivator & Ranil ~ Parindra Sugathadasa Combination

You can listen and engage with Ranil – Parindra combination too depending on your needs in motivational training and coaching. This wonderful combination will give you a 360° experience in searching your better yourself'.

New Book Launched By Parindra Sugathadasa: Kathikathwaye Asiriya

TheMotivator & The Law of Attraction

We believe performance of an individual will depend on his/ her Self Image Factor, Burning Desire, Hardware, Software, Spiritual Factor and Learning Factor.

TheMotivator will guarantee you to find and to boost the above success factors to improve your Success Equation by using the Law of Attraction together with proven but yet easy techniques.

The Law of Attraction is a metaphysical belief that positive and negative thinking bring about positive and negative physical results.


What people have to say
  • "I know Ranil for 8 years as a young energetic person with rich exposure to various fields. He has a right vision and talents to motivate and coach professionals effectively."

    Eng (Dr) Ananda Ranasinghe

    BSc. Eng (Hons), MEng Struct Eng, MTech, CEng, PEng, FIE (SL), MICE (UK), MIStructE (UK), LLB, LLM, PhD
    President, Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka
    Arbitration Lawyer and Consulting Structural Engineer
  • "Ranil is an enthusiastic trainer who would always attempt to update the listeners with new findings relating to global changes regarding the subject being spoken."

    Nanda Fernando

    Deputy General Manager
    Personal Banking, Sampath Bank Limited
  • "I happen to meet Ranil during my MBA programme at ICBT campus. Ranil is an effective coach when guiding professionals to resolve your Management issues."

    Rtn. Suranjith Swaris

    Certified Professional Marketer (Asia Pacific), PG.Dip. Mkt (SL), MSLIM
    Sales & Marketing Manager Coats Thread Exports (Pvt) Ltd
  • "I was privileged to listen to Ranil Sugathadasa twice (2010 Sep. & 2011 Oct.) when we organized a program for GCE O/L students on "How to face an Exam".
    Over 300 students who participated will benefit immediately in preparing for the exam they face in December. Some others will keep these facts in their mind and apply them in other exams that they will face in the future. Apply the learning's of this lecture will not only help them to build confidence to face the exams but also overcoming other challengers they will face in future - interviews, meeting targets & deadlines, facing & solving problems and most importantly breaking the self created mental barriers. Therefore, everybody should listen in this lecture at least once in his or her lifetime. Ranil's delivery was excellent."

    Hilary Fernando -

    B.Sc. (Chem. Special) Hons, MBA, ACIM (UK), Chartered Chemist
    Lead Technical Manager
    Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC
  • "Ranil and Parindra have surprised me with their abilities to blend the Eastern know how with Western knowledge to coach individuals for the right direction"

    Mangala Silva

    BSc.Eng (Hons), MEng Struct Eng, MIE (SL), CEng
    Director Synergo Consultants / Structural Engineer