Be a Smart Project Manager

A project is a temporary endeavor with a defined beginning and end, undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial change or added value. The deliverables that your project produces will be accepted and used by a customer, client or user. Accordingly your knowledge of how, why, when and where your project's deliverables will be used should form the basis for making decisions throughout the entire life of the project. Many of the decisions you make during the project will have far – reaching and profound effects on the efficiency, productivity, utilization and profitability of the project deliverables after the project has been completed.

As a Project Manager, you are accountable for accomplishing the stated project objectives. The project team members are also responsible for executing tasks and producing deliverables as outlined in the project plan and directed by the Project Manager, at whatever level of effort or participation has been defined for them. Therefore, irrespective of your project role, you must need the project management knowledge, project management exposure and project management skills and attitudes to make your project a success. Though the project management knowledge can be gained from many sources, the project management exposure and the skills, attitudes are very rare and expensive.

Ranil ensures you that you will gain application based project management know how which you can put into practice from the day 1. He will share you ‘failure proof positive project management success formula’ on top of his latest project management knowledge, skills and exposure. He is a practicing Project Manager who counts over 10 years experience in various key projects such as multidisciplinary, constructions, transport planning, supply chain, business process reengineering, product development, CSR etc. Ranil will tell you how to be a wining project manager by practicing the art and science of project management secretes together with the concept of law of attraction.

You will be blessed with following essentials.

Skill to select suitable projects for your company
Ability to craft project scope comprehensively so that all your important stakeholders are satisfied
Ability to obtain formal support and informal blessing from the company top management towards your project
Talent to sell your project to get the full support from all functional managers and other stakeholders
Skills to acquire the best human resources retain them motivated and get the maximum inputs from them
Skill to effectively delegate whilst you can add core value additions
Capability to balance your project with your life commitment
Skill to say what you want to say in a language where the others will understand what you say and they are compelled to help you
Skill to identify and mitigate the project risk
Skill to have a winning mentality throughout your project
Skill to overcome any sort term project failures and re-establish the winning path
Ability to control the project cost with long term and sort term planning
Ability to lead all resources effectively and efficiently


What people have to say
  • "Ranil is an enthusiastic trainer who would always attempt to update the listeners with new findings relating to global changes regarding the subject being spoken."

    Nanda Fernando

    Deputy General Manager
    Personal Banking, Sampath Bank Limited
  • "I know Ranil can do an excellent job to improve communication and managerial skills of a person.".

    Eng. Devapriya Abeywardene

    BSc.Eng (Hons), AMIE (SL), PGDip in Building Service Eng
    Assistant Superintendent of Police
    Sri Lanka Police Department