Coaching for Educational Success

Results Driven

We will provide you with a blue print to educational success whether it is your

Masters (MSc, MD,MEng, MA, LLM)
Bachelors (BSc, BA, MBBS, BSc. Eng, LLB)
Professional exams (CIMA, Chartered Accountancy, Law, CEI, CIM, CFA)
Advanced Level

We will ensure that you are,

Motivated towards education
Getting positive energy whilst eliminating inherent laziness
Turn failures into success
Putting your full energy for educational success
Understanding easy and proven methods for exam success
Better managing your time
Less stressful
Making fun out of educational activities and
Super successful in your education
Balancing education with your life

We ensure that you are taking responsible for your own action and you are not participating in the blame game even if your classmates do it.

What people have to say
  • "Being intelligent, exposed to perfect subject knowledge, spent sufficient time to learn the subject and acquire exam skills will definitely pave the way for a student to obtain an excellent grade at the exam. These factors may be directly proportionate to the exam result. However, Ranil Sugathadasa revealed another aspect, which is equally important for a student to gain a result to the best of his or her ability that is how to minimize the negative attitudes and maximize positive attitudes toward an exam. The presentation style and techniques he followed in this training to convey the message met objectives perfectly."

    Priyanthi Fernando

    B.Sc (Botany Special) Hons, M.Sc., Cambridge Teacher Training Diploma Holder
    Biology Teacher
    The Study International School
  • "Ranil Sugathadasa has been an astonishing person in mentoring both career and my personal life. He was commendable in many of my important issues during my academic and working period. His interpersonal skills in coaching and training me towards achieving my targets in life and his effective encouragement and motivation in my academic matters have induced a significant change in my present career at University of Bradford."

    Hussain Jiffry

    Undergraduate of BEng Civil & Structural Engineering
    University of Bradford, Bradford, UK