Managerial Skills Development

Positioning Yourself

Managing people is a challenging role in today's dynamic environment so that when performing your multiple managerial roles, you should have a good sense about following key areas.

Used to build a power base and establish connections
Used to analyze complex situations
Used to communicate, motivate, mentor and delegate
The ability to visualize most appropriate response to a situation


In order you to acquire the above decisive managerial qualities, we offer you the following programs.

‘Power Communication’
For effective communication
Be a Smart Project Manager
A tool and skills set to thrive your projects - Read more...
‘Let Us Handle the Conflicts Positively’
A practical approach to manage the conflicts for better results
‘Do You Know You?’
A complete set of guideline to understand you better
‘Leading with a Strong Sense’
A guideline to situational leadership
‘Read Your Customer whilst Helping Him to Write His Own Book’
Approach to super successful customer satisfaction
‘Don’t Manage Your Time but Zero in on Your Life'
Essential guide to time management with effective use of time whilst enjoying the stresslessness
‘Pass the Ball but with a Value Addition’
Approach to successful delegation


What people have to say
  • "Ranil is an enthusiastic trainer who would always attempt to update the listeners with new findings relating to global changes regarding the subject being spoken."

    Nanda Fernando

    Deputy General Manager
    Personal Banking, Sampath Bank Limited
  • "I know Ranil can do an excellent job to improve communication and managerial skills of a person.".

    Eng. Devapriya Abeywardene

    BSc.Eng (Hons), AMIE (SL), PGDip in Building Service Eng
    Assistant Superintendent of Police
    Sri Lanka Police Department