East - West Approach

Beyond the Sky

Within each of us, there is a vision of the life we would like to have.

East-West approach is designed to help you recognize and achieve that vision. East-West Approach is a right blend of Eastern know how and Western knowledge to help individuals to be super success in career, education, family, health etc. These approaches include the proven traditional knowledge as well as newly found latest knowledge to transform a person for a positive tomorrow. It is a wonderful collection of tools, strategies and techniques to take your life to the next level and beyond.

East West Approach will help you to:

Diagnose and understand more about you and your problems
Give solutions to your issues as an integrated solution package
Uncover your natural talents
Achieve your personal, professional, career, family goals whilst giving you that all important edge to reach your goals
Identify personality weakness and subtracting strength in their places
Identify destructive emotions and programming productive one in their places
Mind body connection

The East West Approach to coaching is that we can work on exactly what you're going through at a given moment , why you feel the way you do, what's going on in your life now, why it's time to make changes, or why you're having trouble moving forward. Understanding all this makes it easier for you to move through your obstacles and attain your goals.

East – West Approach is a novel product developed by Ranil Sugathadasa and Parindra Sugathadasa (BSc.Physical Science, PGD in Media - Astrological Forecaster and Coach, Numerological Forecaster and Coach, Consultant in HRD, Resource Person in Electronic & Printed Media) who deliver a holistic coaching service by using traditional astrology and numerology coaching and positive thinking to discover your next best level.

What people have to say
  • "Ranil and Parindra have surprised me with their abilities to blend the Eastern know how with Western knowledge to coach individuals for the right direction"

    Mangala Silva

    BSc.Eng (Hons), MEng Struct Eng, MIE (SL), CEng
    Director Synergo Consultants/ Structural Engineer
  • "I met Parindra accidentally a few years ago at Asura radio. Ever since, he has surprised me with his ability to predict future of the country as well as individuals."

    Deepal Sooriyaarachchi

    Author, Communicator and Management Consultant
  • "Ranil and Parindra's East -West Approach touches deeply the all dimension of support avenues for coaching individuals."

    Indra Gunaratne

    Systems Analyst
    Holcim (Lanka) Limited
  • "Parindra is a great astrological forecaster and coach who forecasts to high accuracy with his experience backed by astrological and scientific knowledge."

    Darshana Ashoka Kumara

    News Editor
    Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation
  • "Parindra has a burning desire to serve the mankind with his strengths. I wish him for his genuine effort."

    Chandana Thilakarathna

    China International Broadcasting Corporation
  • "Parindra's forecasts have made me a conclusion that astrological coaching can be helpful to individual success."

    Pubudu Kariyawasam

    Master Control Room, Swarnawahini
  • "I first met Parindra in August 2004 when I was delivering a lecture. After that, he sent me a letter stating my past and future, which I felt keeping in my personal file. What he said about my past was very accurate and now I learnt that his forecast up to 2011 also very accurate for me. I am surprised about his forecasting skills. That is why his letter is still kept in my personal file as a valuable document."

    Palitha Perera

    Freelance TV - Radio Journalist/ Presenter
    Sport Commentator