Executive Coaching

Path Finding

Whether you are an entry level assistant or a VP or Director working with CEO, there is only one person responsible for your life and career; that is you. We are here to help you to realize your true potential for success. Your talents are the most important raw materials for strength building of your valuable life.

Identify your most powerful talents, have them with skills and knowledge, you will be well on your way to live the strong life.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

Find your unique talents
How to turn failure, rejection and pain into extra ordinary success
How to keep in touch with your creativity
Eliminating fears and phobias that hold you back
Acquire good habits that become ‘positive addictions’ for achievement
Provides a partnership for personal development
Provides a platform for personal and spiritual evolution
Helps you have a balanced life that works well
Helps you make, and keep, more money
Helps you reach far more
Helps you make better decisions for your and your business
Teaches you to have more sustainable energy
Improves relationships
Helps develop language skills
Emphasizes your unique potential
Enhances communication
Promotes development of new interpersonal skills
Facilitates the building of personal vision and mission

What people have to say
  • "I happen to meet Ranil during my MBA programme at ICBT campus. Ranil is an effective coach when guiding professionals to resolve your Management issues."

    Rtn. Suranjith Swaris

    Certified Professional Marketer (Asia Pacific), PG.Dip. Mkt (SL), MSLIM
    Sales & Marketing Manager Coats Thread Exports (Pvt) Ltd
  • "Ranil Sugathadasa's coaching helped me a lot with my educational and career success to uplift my life. He is a good listener and blessed with born talents to coach anybody for positive personal transformation."

    H.M.Y. Ranjith Nawalawatta

    BSc.T&LM (Moratuwa)
    Transport System Analyst

    Planning Division, RDA